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How Commercial Movers Keep Your Workflow Functional

If you’ve ever moved houses, you know that there are a wide variety of ways to move, from doing it yourself with a truck to a full-service moving company. For corporate moves, however, doing it yourself is less of an option, and professional movers are the best way to minimize downtime and lost productivity. Corporations comprise 38% of the customers of moving companies, according to Simply Self Storage. Moving houses is one thing, but moving an entire office space entails a lot more stress and effort. Here’s why you should hire help!

Minimize Disruptions

Unless your company has a corporate property group, commercial movers are the best way to get your stuff from one office to another and minimize corporate downtime. With professional movers, your equipment will be protected and your fragile hardware will be professionally handled and insured. Professionals know how to make sure that your work equipment will arrive in one piece and be set up in the new office, minimizing disruptions.

Minimize Damage

Ideally, when you move your office you want your employees to be loading nothing more than their personal effects into their boxes on move-out day, whether you’re moving across town or next door. There’s just no real benefit to having employees move their work equipment, even computers that they use daily. They’re not trained to handle a move, and with only a car and their hands to move their work equipment, it’s easy to cause damage that might cost the company thousands of dollars to replace.

Maintain Productivity

Before and after the move, a professional moving company keeps your productivity from taking a tumble. Your move coordinator will develop a relocation schedule unique to your team, that will keep your team working with confidence until the day of the move. Commercial movers keep your workflow functional by giving your workers peace of mind that they won’t have to repeat the work that they’ve already done when they get set up in their new office.

Maintain Communication

With your move being organized by the moving company’s processes, you’re secure in the knowledge that everything will be placed exactly where you need it. The mover will also communicate your relocation to delivery services such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, ensuring that your company’s mail and courier deliveries continue to arrive. Contacting clients will be your first important step once you’re there.

Call 208 Moving Company now to start a quote on your upcoming business move. Commercial movers make your business more functional and efficient during the move.

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